AAHAM Inland Empire Spring Conference
April 13th – 15th, 2016

Sun Mountain Lodge

604 Patterson Lake Rd  –  Winthrop, WA

(800) 572-0493  —  www.sunmountainlodge.com

AAHAM rates honored through Monday, March 21, 2016

Lodge Rooms:  $111 single $131 double
Gardner:            $121 single, $141 double
Mt Robinson:    $131 single, $151 double


Wednesday April 13th

5:00 PM – Inland Empire Board Dinner, all welcome – Dinner courtesy of Central Bonded
5:30 PM – Inland Empire Board Meeting, all welcome – Sun Mountain Lodge – Suite

Thursday April 14th

8:30 AM – Introduction of Sessions & Workshops. . . . . Linda Corley, MBA, CPC, CRCR

VRblue-ribbonYou Can Achieve “Blue Ribbon” Hospital Reimbursement 

Here we are in 2016 facing “payment reform” as never seen before in healthcare.

It’s not always billing that’s not getting claims paid! Let’s discuss the truths and myths about coverage, charge capture, coding and billing that lead to optimum payment.

Find out why the final bill (claim) does not originate in the “billing” office and what hospitals should be doing about the changing regulatory environment!


VRkpiAchieving Financial and Clinical Collaboration for Quality Patient Care

What’s the new Department within the Revenue Cycle that will have more effect on quality and payment than any other?

Can clinical and financial staff really collaborate for improved performance and higher patient satisfaction scores?

This session will review the process for evaluating KPI’s within PFS that can be utilized to develop strategies for strengthening facility financial results.


VRqWhat’s Important to Know About OPPS for 2016?

As CMS continues to “refine” Ambulatory Payment Classifications (APCs), 2016 has brought additional packaging of outpatient services payments; but the new year has also introduced several new reimbursement methodologies.

Join our discussion to understand how the OPPS Final Rule will affect the following outpatient services, and how you can prepare for optimizing compliant payment: APC restructuring, reorganization and consolidation of multiple clinical families, defining nine new Compliance APCs (including one for Observation), expansion of ancillary service packaging and further changes to Laboratory test payment, and a new data collection modifier and status indicators; along with a new comment indicator.

VRPartMedicare Part B Billing for Medically Denied Inpatient Admissions

Medicare (CMS) has provided specific instructions for hospitals to follow when it is necessary to charge and bill Part B for services that were provided as “inpatient” but that were denied.

​This session will review the required components for compliantly billing a Part A stay as a Part B outpatient service; and will explain the sequence of claims necessary to ensure accurate reimbursement.

Join us for dinner and “Game Night”
Courtesy of AAHAM – Guest welcome for $25

Friday April 15th

VRCleanAchieving “Clean Claims” and Efficient Office Operations

As professional service (CMS-1500) claims have grown more complex, Front Office staff may require more explanation and clarification.

Now we describe our claim as a “mini-medical record” because of the amount of patient data and clinical information that is represented by codes on the claim.

This session will address—documentation that leads to clear charge capture, the importance of specific quality care decision-making , and how to be both “efficient” and “effective” in seeking professional reimbursement in 2016.


VRreimbProfessional Service Reimbursement








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