AAHAM Inland Empire Fall Conference was a Great Success

We wish to thank everyone who attended for their participation.

We extend an extra special “Thank You” to our world-class speakers. 

You will find their presentations for downloading below.

Scott Adams, CEO – Pullman Regional Hospital

The road less traveled, a journey for a CAH

Presentation Slides

This presentation will highlight the efforts of Pullman Regional Hospital in developing an organizational culture that fosters personal growth and learning, leads to high patients satisfaction, supports strong employee engagement, and generates exceptional community support.

Get insight into the bankruptcy process and how it affects healthcare. Judge Corbit will share his expertise and knowledge on bankruptcy laws and exemptions.

Keep up to date with the latest news from Premera, CHPW, Coordinated Care and Aetna including the Fully Integrated Managed Care (FIMC).  What obstacles are you having?  Take advantage of networking with your peers and payers by putting our thinking caps on to resolve your issues.

Kurt Bennion, CPA – Clifton Larson Allen

Zosia Stanley – WHSA

The IRS is auditing scores of hospitals across the country for compliance with 501(r).  The Washington State Attorney General recently sued two hospitals for failure to comply with the state’s charity care laws. 

Columbia Legal Services recently published a report indicating failures to comply with the state’s charity care laws in 12 out of 20 Washington hospitals. 

We’ll look at these three situations to discuss what every Washington State hospital must do (or not do) to comply with both state and federal laws, and what each hospital can do to avoid problems with government regulators.

1. Understand key issues regarding compliance with Washington State’s charity care laws.

2. Understand key issues regarding compliance with Internal Revenue Code section 501(r).

3. Use publicized problems to identify areas of concern.

Joan Whittaker – AccuReg

Transforming the Front-End Revenue Cycle Model

Managing the Revenue Cycle performance while transforming from “Back-End” to “Front –End” focus and creating a unified Patient-Centered experience is a serious challenge.  It means we must shift attention and resources from chasing dollars post-service to collecting pre-service from patients who are facing incredibly high deductibles in a struggling economy. 

Already strained Patient Access teams.  How do we transform our silo approach to the Revenue Cycle to the high-performing unified, patient-centered team we need to continue serving our communities?  

Learn how to move from Current State vs Future State, Transformation Blueprint, Patient Experience and Sustaining Results to make a difference in your facility.

Fall Conference Charity
The Fall Conference is focused on the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery, whose primary goal is to provide immediate refuge for children and support to strengthen families.

This evolved from the tragic story of Vanessa Kay Behan, a Spokane girl who died from child abuse injuries at the age of two. Following her death, a group of local business people established the Crisis Nursery so that parents would have a safe place to bring their children in the face of crises.