2015 Summer Conference

2015 Summer Inland Empire Conference

 The Joint Commission


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Christina L. Cordero, Ph.D., MPH Project Director, Department of Standards and Survey Methods Division of Healthcare Quality Evaluation

 Advancing Effective Communication & Cultural Competencies and Patient-and-Family-Centered Care
The roadmap for hospitals provides recommendations to help hospitals address unique patient needs, meet the patient-centered communication standards, and comply with related Joint Commission requirements.  
Christina Cordero is a Project Director in the Department of Standards and Survey Methods, Division of Healthcare Quality Evaluation at The Joint Commission.

ICD-10 Ready or NotPeggi Ann Amstutz

 Peggi Ann Amstutz – Confluence Health
Peggi Ann is a CCS and CCS-P as well as an AHIMA Approved ICD-10-CM/PCS Trainer. 
Is your facility ready for a successful transition for all stakeholders, including healthcare providers, payers, clearinghouses and vendors?
This two hour session is a crucial event for all professionals and a must-attend event for a close-up and comprehensive look at ICD-10 readiness, training, and implementation. 

Overcoming the Implementation Hurdle


Lisa Goren – Healthcare Speaker,  www.lisagoren.com
Conundrum: Leaders and teams can generate the best of ideas, but the daily distractions and obstacles we face within the complexity of healthcare, can make implementation seem nearly impossible. 
By generating the right support, identifying the necessary resources and maintaining a clear vision, the impossibility of implementation can become a reality.

 Emergency Department Charges

Auditing and Charge Capturing

Lee Tinsley – NW Healthcare Consulting
RN for 38 years. Specialize in charge capture. ER codes and physician billing for ER. Audit systems to capture missed charges Observation coding and billing usual increase of ER billing in rural hospitals visited exceeds $1,000,000. CPSI and T-System EMR competent

Remarkable RecoveryNorthValleyHospital

The Story of how North Valley Hospital kept the doors open
Jana Symonds – PFS Director

Jana will be sharing the Story of how North Valley Hospital’s remarkable recovery.


Kari Tye – Vice President, Business Operations and Marketing

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OneHealthPort’s Health Information Exchange (HIE): Brief overview of what it is including what type of documents can be exchanged – particularly those eligible for MU. OneHealthPort’s SSO: Is everyone already familiar with the SSO or is a brief overview needed? Are there specific questions you would like addressed?


Bonnie Berg, CRCE-I, CCT – Manager Patient Financial Services,

Prosser Memorial Hospital

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Bonnie explained the necessity of the WSHA Workgroup. They are to: Make changes voluntarily, Develop model charity care application, Develop model notification standards and communication plan, All hospitals compliant with state and federal law. The Goal: Voluntary, universal adoption of model documents