Committee Members

Inland Empire Executive Board and Committee’s

Chair of the Board:

  • Create agenda for Board meeting
  • Facilitate Board meeting


Colleen Wentz, CRCS-I, CRCT-I/P, CRIP, CCT

  • Coordinate Hotel arrangements including food menu for the year prior to spring conference
  • Organize Thursday evening event and coordinate with education and Corporate Partners
  • Make room reservations for speakers
  • Ensure conference expenses are paid in full
  • Organize board meeting, room, and food
  • Organize introduction of conference speakers
  • Review bank account monthly


Vice President and Education:
LeAnn Carl, CRCP-P, CRCS-P

  • Arrange speaker’s presentation time for agenda to be completed by the current conference for the next upcoming conference
  • Design agenda for mailing and emailing
  • Coordinate printing, folding of agenda and labels for mailing a minimum of 12 weeks prior to conference
  • Create Continuing Education Units document and coordinate printing
  • Obtain and coordinate speakers equipment needs with President and Publications
  • Obtain speaker bio’s and presentations, coordinate printing if needed
  • Coordinate room reservations (if requested) for speakers with President
  • Obtain speaker release signature and coordinate with Publications to post presentation on chapter website
  • Arrange transportation for speakers if requested
  • Obtain expense report with speakers and coordinate payments with Treasurer
  • Coordinate with President of speakers bio for introduction
  • Create and print evaluation forms for conference
  • Send thank you card to speakers


Rosie Hartmann, CRCE-I/P, CRCP-I/P, CRCS-I/P, CRIP, CCT

  • Receive and disperse all chapter funds as necessary
  • Maintain bank account and prepare reconciliation for presentations at Board meetings
  • Coordinate for Auditor to review checkbook on a monthly basis
  • Send bank statements and financial statement to President on a monthly basis
  • Present financial statement to membership at spring conference
  • Compile conference registrations and distribute to Publications


KimE Lawson, CRCE-I/P

  • Create detailed minutes for each meeting of the Board and disperse within two weeks following meeting
  • Minutes will be maintained in such good order as to fully document the activities and decisions of the directors at each meeting


Corporate Partners:
Chair: Rosie Hartmann CRCE-I/P, CRCP-I/P, CRCS-I/P, CRIP, CCT

  • Send annual letters/invoices for Corporate Partner sponsorship by December 1st
  • Coordinate complimentary registration vouchers for Corporate Partners
  • Coordinate if table is requested at conference from Corporate Partners
  • Arrange Corporate sponsorship for conference breaks and Thursday evening event, coordinate with President and Education for agenda by the current conference for the next upcoming conference.
  • Coordinate Corporate Partners listing on sponsor thank you PowerPoint with Publications
  • Print tent cards for Corporate Sponsors at conference
  • Coordinate ID Badges for attendees
  • Send thank you cards to Corporate Partners and Corporate Sponsors


Ways and Means:
Chair: Dan Jess
Co-Chair: KimE Lawson, CRCE-I/P

  • Coordinate with Education to plan and organize decorations including decorating at conference
  • Select charity for Spring, Summer, Fall conference before spring conference
  • Coordinate with Education to add charity to agenda
  • Coordinate with Publications to promote charity and solicit raffle items
  • Sell tickets and organize raffle at conferences
  • Organize raffle for providers only to be chosen at the end of Friday’s conference for 1 free conference registration
  • Coordinate with Corporate Partners to give a “goodie” bag to each provider


Chair: Dirk Bunker
Co-Chair: Cameron Marks

  • Conduct technical aspects in regards to speaker presentations
  • Coordinate with Education in emailing conference agendas
  • Coordinate with Chapter Excellence to send emails
  • Following conference, add speaker presentations to website
  • Maintain chapter website
  • Coordinate with Corporate Partners for chapter website advertising of Corporate Partners
  • Coordinate email thank you for attending conference sent out by the following week of conference
  • Organize printing of banners for Corporate Partners and Corporate Sponsors
  • Create email thank you for attending conference, including testimonials, highlights, and email membership
  • Create quarterly Newsletter, email membership, and chapter website
  • Creates any advertising, marketing or other published documents for chapter


Chair: Shauna 

  • Coordinate proctors for certification testing
  • Send congratulations letter with membership information for newly certified members
  • Recognize newly certified at conference
  • Coordinate with Publications to add newly certified to chapter website
  • Coordinate with Publication for certification dates and promotion of certification to be posted on website
  • Coordinate study sessions


Government Relations:
Chair: Dirk Bunker
Co-Chair: LeAnn Carl, CRCP-P, CRCS-P

  • Maintain information on government section of chapter website
  • Keep chapter members and attendees updated on government-related topics through newsletter, conferences and chapter website


Chair: Fred Martin
Co-Chair: Jerri Dion

  • Verification of attendees at conference, make changes/additions to social media marketing
  • Market to maintain current national members and attendees
  • Manage mail returns and undeliverable email through media marketing


Chapter Development:
Chair: Jerri Dion
Co-Chair: Fred Martin

  • Market for new membership


Chair: Jerri Dion
Co-Chair: Jon Trenkenschuh

  • Coordinate networking events at conferences


Chapter Excellence:
Chair: Cameron Marks

  • Works with all committees to prepare entry into national office for National award
  • Creates marketing emails for conferences and coordinate with Publications for website